Day 17 of 30 – Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

“Summer Holidays”

16″ x 12″

Oil on Canvas



Day 17 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge with Leslie Saeta.

There are some memories from your childhood that are vivid.

One for me was summer holidays when we went on a trip to Hanging Rock. We had seen the film Picnic At Hanging Rock and were keen to see if we could solve the mystery. Which of course we did not.

This style of romantic painting though reminds me of a bygone error from the time the story was originally set around 1900.

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Hanging Rock Painting

Hanging Rock (Mount Macedon)

Hanging Rock Painting

Hanging Rock Fields

12″ x 16″

Acrylic on Canvas


The area around Mount Macedon is a great spot for Australian landscape artists.

When we were filming for the TV show “Yes You Can Paint” we decided to do an episode at Hanging Rock in Mount Macedon. Local artist, and highly regarded Australian landscape artist, Richard Chamerski offered to help us out and found this great location on a local farm. The view of Hanging Rock was the best I had seen … thanks Richard!

So I keep coming back to paint this scene and just love it.

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