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It’s been ages since I have posted anything on my blog here so I decided it was time to do so 🙂

Back in October 2015 my wife and I moved from Geelong to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Primarily for the weather and to enjoy a different lifestyle. We both love the combination of the beach and the bush so the Sunshine Coast seemed ideal to start our new life.

Selling our house in Geelong took longer than planned so for a good six months my art studio was packed up which meant not a lot of painting. Everything came to a halt while we waited for the house to find its next owner. It finally happened and we moved in October 2015.

Then it took another six months to find a new home for us to buy up here.

Eventually in May 2016 we finally got settled and I could set up my art studio again. That’s a long time between serious painting.

Once we settled in I started to rebuild Moore Art School with a focus on the online side of things. I’m happy to say it is growing significantly over the last six months with more than 10,000 new students joining us for our courses in that time.

Filming Studio

Noosa Art Studio

And having a larger studio has enabled me to get back to creating new learn to paint courses such as our recently released Colour Mixing Course. I also launched the new Learn To Paint Club with monthly projects and a new range of DVD’s.

In addition to that I am about to launch a new program for artists teaching them how to build a full time income out of their art by becoming what I call an ArtPreneur. Our first course will be about How To Sell Art Online.

A week ago I did my first art class up this way at Gympie:


So I have been super busy and things have been going great BUT …

There has been one thing missing. I haven’t been doing enough painting to sell through this site and other online galleries I have art listed in. And I certainly haven’t been updating this site at all.

From May on though that all changes.

I am going to start to divert a larger percentage of my time to painting works for entering exhibitions, art shows and for sale.

One of the first things I am going to do is get back to creating small affordable works for ebay and listing those regularly.

The other thing I will be doing is creating series of work and then releasing those as an online exhibition several times per year to showcase and have available for purchase for my regular followers.

And in May I am going to start getting back to having an Art giveaway every month.

There are some exciting times ahead as I continue to grow and develop my art career.

Thanks for reading.

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