Painting Mary River, Kenilworth

Painting Mary River, Kenilworth

After the recent rains sparked by Cyclone Debbie my wife and I ventured out to Kenilworth for a couple of days camping. Of course any trip to Kenilworth requires a visit to the Mary River.

This photo is taken from around the corner from the township:


I loved the composition of this photo when I looked at it again later on.

The strong dark shadow on the right hand side and the warm tones in the foreground lead the eye into the middle distance where the river winds its way through the valley.

So I decided to paint this one and potentially enter it into the Kenilworth Art Competition run by the Kenilworth Arts Council in September.

Here is an early stage of my painting. Its a larger oil painting than I normally do and I’ve been enjoying the freedom of the extra space:


This is just the rough block in stage where the key thing is too make sure I have the values structure of the painting right. I want to make sure there is layers and depth in the painting.

Happy with the initial block in I then proceeded to tighten the block in up a little:


You can see its starting to take shape. A big key to making this painting work I think is going to be capturing the sunlight at the top and edges of the trees and having rich shadows and dark’s as a counter balance.

So far I am happy with the start I have made with it. There is a lot of work to go and I shall post updates on this painting as I go.

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