The Cherry Blossom Tree

The Cheery Blossom

“The Cherry Blossom Tree”

8″ x 12″

Oil on Board


(Auction starts at 8PM on 12th December)

One of my favourite artists is Charles Condor. He painted in the 1880’s with Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts and was a key part of the Heidelberg School of artists.

He is often thought to be one of Australia’s early pioneers in Australian Impressionism … but fact is he as English and only spent a few years here in Australia.

What I loved about his paintings is the way he captured Cherry Blossom trees.

I have one in the backyard and after five years it is yet to grow into the fine blooming sensation of the ones captured by Charles Condor.

I was passing by a farm in the country a year or so ago and noticed one in full bloom that reminded me of Condors paintings.

Then I realised … old house … old tree … lots of Cherry Blossoms.

One day when the one in my backyard grows up I will paint it … for now though this painting will have to do 🙂

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