Day 9 of 30 – The Old Art Gallery

The Old Art Gallery

“The Old Art Gallery”

8″ x 10″

Oil on Board



Day 9 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge with Leslie Saeta.

So over the New Years break we were camped out in the Grampians for 5 days and nights.

During that time we would drive through Halls Gap several times a day and each time we drove out of town we would pass this old building which had a sign out front saying Art Gallery.

I kept saying that we would stop and drop in for a look however as it turned out we never did get a chance to visit the gallery.

But I did stop for long enough to get this photo.

Had to climb down a step embankment to get the shot but I loved the strong shadows being cast.

The Old Art Gallery Photo

So here is the steps I went through to do the painting. I started out with a pencil sketch.

Old Art Gallery 5

Then started blocking in the darks using a turpsy wash.

Old Art Gallery 4

More blocking in of darks in foreground area.

Old Art Gallery 3

Then blocking in lighter colours before the final details are added.

Old Art Gallery 2

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