Day 7 of 30 – Near Dunkeld, Southern Grampians

Grampians Oil Paintings

“Near Dunkeld, Southern Grampians”

8″ x 10″

Oil on Board



Day 7 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge with Leslie Saeta.

Ten years had passed since Sue and I last went to the Grampians.

So we decided to celebrate our ten years together by taking a return trip.

Now back then I had not even considered the remote possibility that I may one day pick up a brush and start waving it about in the general direction of a canvas.

Let alone start two internationally broadcast TV shows, or start an Art School.

In fact back then I was a musician … lead singer and guitar player in a band called ‘Dirty Work’. Hip shaking blues you can dance to. Anyway … that’s another story.

Importantly though I did not see the world through artists eyes. I used to tell everyone I was not very visual and that I was more of an auditory person 🙂

Well fast forward to last November … ten years on and Sue and I decide to head to the Grampians again.

Can you imagine my excitement as we were driving down the Glenelg Highway seeing the Grampians off in the distance. Character filled farm houses sitting in golden fields with blue skies and the distant range of the Grampians in a luscious dark atmospheric blue.

Around every corner was a painting waiting to happen.

This is painted from a photo I took about 10 kms before you get to the town of Dunkeld. Dunkeld is in the Southern Grampians area and is a beautiful town and popular stopping spot for travellers.

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  1. J.D.Fields
    J.D.Fields says:

    Mr. Rod Thanks for sharing ur art and story. I look forward to reading them every day and it also help me to start looking in my town and state California USA for places, memories & even in my backyard (town) to paint.

    Anain Thanks for all ur post on this 30 day challenge.


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