Day 11 of 30 – Yesterdays Farmhouse

Yesterdays Farmhouse

“Yesterdays Farmhouse”

8″ x 10″

Oil on Board


(Auction starts at 8PM AEST)


Day 11 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge with Leslie Saeta.

Well day 11 already … one third of the challenge gone which means one month is gone also.

A funny thing happened to me along the way to the end of the challenge 🙂 Painting all of these small houses and the like has led to a strong desire to paint larger paintings along the same subject line … but with more of a story to them. Adding in people and life and movement to enhance the story. So for the last few days I have been fooling around with some work along these lines.

We will get to them in the next few days.

Today though the painting is titled “Yesterdays Farmhouse”. I spotted this abandon early settlers cottage when driving out in the country the other week.

Well and truly abandoned but I didn’t think much of it.

Then a few nights ago on TV Bruce Parrish was doing a documentary on Brazil and the Amazon. He visited a place called Fordlandia which was set up as a city to supply rubber to the Ford factories so that rich white people back then had tyres for their shiny new auto-mobiles. They built a whole city there right in the jungle with hospitals and everything you can think of.

That was until they no longer needed it.

One day they just all packed up and left.

They left behind them all of these abandoned stinking old factories and industrial equipment to sit and rot in the jungle.

Now don’t get me wrong … some things like this early settlers cottage though abandoned should be left as it is for history sake.

But Ford need to clean up their shit after them in my humble opinion 🙂

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