Leopold Plein Air Painting

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Great morning of painting this morning with the Geelong Plein Air Painters group.

I started the group basically to find some other plein air artists in the Geelong area. We are small in number but no doubt will grow in time. So this morning Moyra, Ferdie and I set off to the Gateways Sanctury in Leopold.

I have driven past a hundred times and did not even know that it was there. Great spot for some plein air painting.

In the above photo you can see that I did not end up painting the sanctury but instead chose the view of the farm next door. At this stage I had basically started out doing dark washes and placing the main shapes.

Image 2

In the photo above you can see I am progressing the painting along by blocking in key areas like the distant hills, the foreground grasses and starting on the sky.

You might be wondering where the large tree is in the foreground and why isn’t it in the photo … well sometimes you just need to move things around in order to get the right composition. So the tree is actually just off to the right hand side of where I was standing.

Image 3

Here you can see I have progressed the painting along a fair bit. I have probably been working on it for an hour and a half at this stage. This is always a tricky part of the painting, especially plein air, knowing when to stop. I have a tendency to start fiddling which is not always a good idea. As an example … the cows … I fussed over them way too much at this point.

Image 4

This is my set up … I have a fairly compact set of gear now. The French easel collapses down into a transportable box … and a small bag caries everything else.

Best thing I ever did for my plein air painting is to get the French easel.

Image 5

This is where I finished up. As you can see I added in more foreground details and a few posts.

I will let it dry off for a few days and then assess it to see what else is needed. Probably pick the bugs out as well 🙂

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  1. Eileen
    Eileen says:

    I really missed out on this day Rod as well as the St Leonards’ day. I like your Leopold painting very much for its tones and values.You have much improved since I watched the tv videos. I want to know where you got your French easel from and where to next week if I can make it. I missed out in St Leonard’s but there is a place in the park which is very secluded and has plenty of water sky and trees to paint with toilets near by( if you get stuck for venues in the future) I’m trying to get my art friends to join Plain Air as I think you are a great team. Eileen

    • rmoore68
      rmoore68 says:

      Thanks for your comments Eileen. Yes I have definitely been improving … just goes to show the value of painting from life and painting a lot. Check out ArtShedOnline.com.au for French Easles.


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