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Working On Theme Small

This is a sample of the paintings I am working on at the moment.

They are all in various stages of finishedness (not sure if that is a word?)

Recently one of my mentors was taken sick. He just stopped painting and posting on Facebook. Now he is a prolific painter when he is up and running so for him to just drop of the radar like that was a surprise.

Fortunately he made a recovery and is back at his easel painting … and then I noticed something which I had been aware of previously but not paid enough attention to.

As I said he was a prolific painter and when he started up again producing these incredible paintings in rapid fire I noticed that they were all centred around a very tight theme. In this case it was the theme of fly fishing in Colorado River. All of these paintings were produced using a serious of photos he had taken in Autumn in Colorado. Previously it had been Cowboys on horses in snow scenes in Colorado.

It struck me of just how valuable it is to work on a series of paintings in a tight theme and produce a body of work around this theme.

If you really want to get good at painting something then painting a whole series of works just makes sense.

So here is a pic of the paintings I am working on at the moment. Using this idea of working within a tight theme I am concentrating at the moment on my breaking waves in the smaller paintings. In particular what I am really wanting to achieve with these is a sense of light on the waves … so exploring the shadows and the lights within the foam bursts, as well as different lighting moods at different times of the day.

So while these paintings are all at various stages I think they show a strong theme through out which is pleasing.

I will keep working on these and posting them up as they are finished.

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