Collect With Confidence



If you have found a piece you would like to add to your collection then you can do so with confidence.

Right now there are collectors of my work around Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and France with more to come in the future. A growing number of these collectors have purchased many paintings from me which I am extremely grateful for.

Here is why you can collect my art with confidence:

* I am a passionate committed artist … this is not just a hobby for me. I believe I will be painting until the day I pass so you can be assured that your investment in my art today will grow in time.

* 14 day money back guarantee. You can buy today and once you receive the art you have 14 days to decide if you love it or not. If not then send it back to me in same condition and you will receive your money back less postage costs. To date no one has ever returned a painting.

* We use PayPal to protect your online purchase. PayPal are a global leader in online payments and should you have any issues you can contact them to sort it out. This protects you as a purchaser.

* Exposure through our TV programs ‘Plein Air Painting’ and ‘Yes You Can Paint’ has increased awareness of my paintings which can only be a good thing increasing the value of my work. More TV programs are planned for the future.

* All of my paintings look better in real life than in the photos you will see on this site. Currently I am taking photos of my work using an iPhone and the photos do not represent the quality of the paintings are accurately as they could. Rest assured the paintings will look better when hanging on your wall than they do on the site here.

* A range of prices and sizes to suit every budget. Some of my work is sold through my store on eBay and the higher quality work is sold here on the site. If you see a painting that is already sold that you would like, or have in mind a painting then talk to me about having a commission painted.

* If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me here