Day 1 of 30 – Happy New Year!

New Years Eve Grampians

“New Years Eve – Grampians”

8″ x 10″ Oil on Board


(Auction live from 8pm AEST)

Happy New Year!

Wow can you believe it? It’s 2014 already … where on earth did 2013 go?

So this is day 1 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Day Challenge being hosted by Leslie Saeta over at her blog Slices of Life.

I am excited to be taking part in the challenge for a number of reasons. Firstly I am a great believer in painting regularly if you want to improve. So the idea of starting the year with a challenge to paint a finished painting every day for 30 days is a great way to develop the discipline to paint every day. Of course I really don’t have much challenge painting everyday as I love it.

The other reason I am excited about the challenge is that it will give you the opportunity to own one of my paintings. Each of the paintings I do will be listed on eBay and you can click the link above to bid. Every auction starts at $0.99 and goes for 10 days … who knows where it will end up.

So this first painting is of the Pub (hotel) near the Grampians in Pomonal called Barneys Bistro Bar

Sue and I spent time camping between Boxing Day and New Years at Lake Fyans which is just near this pub.

My theme for the 30 day challenge is ‘At Home In Australia’ and its all about life in Australia as I see it. Of course spending time at the pub is a big part of that.

This is where we were New Years.

What were you doing?

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Remember to click on the link above to bid on the eBay auction for this painting

Preparing For Leslie Saeta’s 30 Paintings In 30 Days Challenge

Well I am getting really excited about the coming ’30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge’ being run by Leslie Saeta.

At last check over on Leslie Saeta’s Slices of Life Blog there are 179 artists signed up for the challenge beginning on 1st of January.

So I have been busy preparing for the challenge.

My first consideration is that I will be away camping in the Grampians over the new years period and not entirely sure when I will be back … perhaps around the 2nd or 3rd of January. So for those first couple of days I will paint them before I go on holidays and have them automatically post to my blog here starting on the 1st January. I will still paint 30 paintings in the 30 days so I will probably end up with 32 or so paintings for January.

My next consideration is what to paint?

I have decided to work on a theme. I have noticed that some of my favourite artists like Robert Hagan for instance will paint a lot of paintings around a tight theme for a period of time. It is something I have always intended to do but find myself being drawn to all sorts of subject matter so I tend to jump around too much. So this challenge is a great opportunity to focus in on a theme.

So what is the theme I have chosen for the challenge?

Well … I love paintings of Australian homes and farmhouses set in Australian landscape paintings. So that is the theme I will run with for the challenge … ‘At Home In Australia’.

Here is an example of the sort of painting that I will be doing throughout the thirty day challenge:

30 Paintings in 30 Days - 2


For some reason I find myself drawn to these sort of paintings. This one above that I did yesterday reminds me of an old run down house that was across the road from where I grew up as a kid. The place was overgrown and we never did know if anyone lived in there … though I am sure it was home to someone.

So part of my preparation for the challenge is to get everything in order.

Yesterday I went and got 30 8″ x 10″ MDF panels to paint on and now I am busy applying geso to get them ready to paint on:

30 Paintings in 30 Days - 1


I have my palette and brushes at the ready. I tend to paint with a limited palette using just Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and Titanium White:

30 Paintings in 30 Days - 3


Most important I have my photos all sorted into different categories in a box so I have at my finger tips ready access to reference materials. I have collected more than 5,000 photos in the last 5 years from my travels so I have plenty to dip into when I need them. One thing though … I don’t have a huge number of photos of Aussie houses. Fortunately I live in the old part of Geelong and in all of the streets around me there are lots of old weatherboard houses, some renovated like ours, and plenty that are in a rustic like condition. So I will probably be doing a walk around photo shoot shortly.

30 Paintings in 30 Days - 4


And of course you want plenty of paint so I have a tub full which should see me through to the end of the challenge:

30 Paintings in 30 Days - 5


I will be posting every painting in the 30 day challenge here to the blog.

If you want to follow along then you can come back each day … or add your email into the section on the right hand side that says ‘Get Blog Updates’ … this will add you to the notification list where every time I post to the blog you will get notified. This will make it easy for you to follow the progress if you are interested.

Finally … every painting I do will be listed on eBay as a 7 day Auction starting at just $0.99.

So if you see a painting you like you will have the opportunity to bid on it and hopefully own it 🙂

Well that is all from me for now as far as Leslie Saeta’s 30 Paintings In 30 Days challenge goes.

I hope you join me on the journey, follow along, and bid on a painting or two.

Leslie Saeta’s 30 Paintings In 30 Days Painting Challenge

Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 Painting Challenge

Leslie Saeta’s 30 Paintings In 30 days Painting Challenge

I am very excited to announce that I have taken up the challenge and joined Leslie Saeta’s 30 Painting In 30 Days Challenge.

The idea behind the challenge is to do one painting each day for 30 days. Then each day all of the artists taking part will share the painting on Leslie’s blog ‘Slices of Life’.

In 2013 Leslie ran the challenge twice … January and September and the feedback from the artists participating was very inspiring. Having watched it happen twice this year I decided to kick of 2014 by jumping in and taking part in the challenge.

By painting every day for 30 days there is no doubt that my painting skills will improve. I am planning on painting small and developing a theme … possibly along the lines of ‘Idealic Country Life’ … Australian landscape paintings that feature farms, cottages, etc. I will have to give this some more thought prior to January 1st.

The other reason I am planning on joining in is to connect with more artists around the globe via the challenge.

So how is Leslie Saeta?

I have been following Leslie now for about 2 years. She is a palette knife painter who paints a lot of boats and seascapes. But she is more than just a painter. She is the host of the very popular ‘Artists Helping Artists’ blogtalk radio program. If you are an artist with ambitions of earning a living from the sales of your paintings then you have to listen to the weekly podcast show.

I am looking forward to the challenge … if you are an artist why not join us over at Leslie’s Slices of Life Blog – Click Here For Details

I will be creating a blog post here for each of the paintings that I do each day of the challenge. They will all be available for sale from the blog post.

NOTE: If you want to follow my progress during the challenge then subscribe to the blog on the right hand side where it says ‘Get Blog Updates’. Also I will be giving away one of the paintings in a prize draw so make sure you subscribe to the section that says ‘Win A Painting’

Lastly … I would love to get your feedback, comments, thoughts etc on the paintings that I do each day so feel free to leave your comments, and share the blog posts.