Help Me Choose A Frame

Okay so I have completed two paintings which I am considering entering into the coming Mornington Art Show in mid January.

However before I do I would love your help choosing a frame.

Here are the ones I have selected as potentials:

And for painting number two:

So what do you think?

Which of the frames do you think works best?

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts as I would love to get your feedback.

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    • rmoore68
      rmoore68 says:

      Thanks JD for the comment. I see what you mean about setting the painting … and the black does draw your eye into the painting.

  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Hi Rod,
    firstly, these are both great paintings! I agree the black draws the eye but I like the 4th frame as it reminds me of the old weathered beachy feel…

    look forward to seeing these at the art show (if you decide to enter).


    • rmoore68
      rmoore68 says:

      Thanks for that Mark … I agree with you on the 4th style of frame. I did a commission recently of Jan Juc beach and used that frame and it worked well.
      These two have similar colours so think the frame will work well.
      So for me its a toss up between the black (popular choice) and the 4th white frame …. hhmmm 🙂


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